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Establish and Strengthen Legal Aid Provision for Decongestion of Urban Remand Prison in Tanzania 

The project's overall objective is to contribute to the decongestion of prisons in 9 regions through the provision of timely justice for remandees in 26 remand prisons and suspects in 92 police stations in Tanzania by 2021.


Purpose/Specific objectives


i.           To improve the delivery  of justice (timely, efficient, and effective investigation and prosecution of crime)  to suspects and remandees by 2021

ii.         To enhance coordination, cooperation, and networking among criminal justice agencies and other stakeholders in the 14 regions.




Why remandees and suspects

Male and female suspects and remandees were selected as primary target groups as well as beneficiaries of the Project because evidence has proved that some of them are bread earners and their stay in police custody or remand prison has negative social, moral and health consequences not only to themselves but also to their immediate dependants, especially children. Juveniles in remand prisons and police stations as primary target groups and beneficiaries of the Project, their stay in adult custody is against Children’s rights eg. Education, parental love, care, guidance and support. This group is composed of people who are poor, mostly young who are unemployed and lack legal knowledge. Therefore, they are legally empowered to know their rights, demand and protect them.



1.      272 police and prisons officers have been trained on paralegalism and human rights for the provision of legal aid, counseling and reconciliation to remandees in prisons and suspects at police stations

2.      Ensured establishments and fuctioning of legal aid desks in detention facilities ( police stations and Prisons

3.      Ensured effective coordination of Criminal justice agencies for quality legal aid and timely dispensation of justice.

4.      Community members have been benefiting from legal aid through HOTLINE NUMBER.

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