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Milk Project for WENK in Jungu Village, Mbalang'a in Kilindi District, Tanga Region, funded by Women2030/Global Forest Coalition.

Period Started: September 2019

Period Ending: The project was a short term, but extended due to            COVID 19 Pandemic.

Contact person (Women2030): Jeanette Sequeira

Teacher Kessy, Jungu Village

Accomplished activities:

Envirocare as mentor organization, has conducted monitoring visit to Women Environmental Kimeloc Group (WENK) members, of Maasai tribe, from 18th to 19th June 2020 in Jungu village. Twenty two (22) participants were trained and mentored on Milk hygiene and processing. The training was facilitated by Milk Specialist and Entrepreneur Mr. Isack Christian from SIDO, who is also the owner of Tamu Milk Industry. The group members learned theoretically and practically, and came up with quality Mtindi and Yorgut using organic milk from the cows in Jungu village.

Facilitator from SIDO/ and Founder of Tamu milk Industry in Kigamboni: Mr. Isack Christian

+255 676 004 300

Women2030 has their Final report template and financial report template for use during reporting period. Contact Philip Joseph.

Milk Project.PNG

Fig. Mr. Isack Christian training the WENK group of Maasai tribe at Jungu village on Hygiene MILK processing.

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