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This year's project title was on "community skills sharing on Traditional food and Medicinal plants towards improving human health and the environment in Amani, Tanga region"


This project is going to address the gap in knowledge on traditional medicine and food between the older and young generation. The project will take place in two communities, places that are rich with traditional food and medicines.

The use of traditional food and medicinal plants for the prevention and treatment of diseases is decreasing every day due to the knowledge gap existed between knowledgeable elders and the present young generation. This old traditional practices (food and herbs) needs to be reused, practiced, well documented, and shared widely for a healthy, safe, and clean environment for sustainable development and consumption for the future generation.


This project will bring together local leaders, elders, and youths from different angles of the communities to share indigenous knowledge on medicinal herbs used in the past to improve human health and treatment of diseases. in addition, community sharing groups will be formed to exchange knowledge on organic food which is very important in strengthening the immune system of our bodies against diseases. information obtained will be documented and shared for the benefit of the present and future generations.

The project was conducted in two different villages in Muheza District Tanga region, the villages were Mwembeni B and Mbomole. In Mwembeni B village, the community was trained and educated on the importance of using traditional food and medicinal plants. There were exhibitions during the project where the participants brought various traditional foods both cooked and raw, medicinal plants which they shared their knowledge on the Importances of using them.

In Mbomole Villagevillage Envirocare met a community group known as Mbomole Hills Spice Farmers Group which deals with the making of spices and has its own plot with seedlings of various medicinal plants and traditional food including clove tree, cinnamon. 


Envirocare during the project taught the community how to add value to the products and this would be achieved in groups. 

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